Monday, January 25, 2016


I belong to emotion, don't exactly know what
I'm writing this blog and it's making me relive my heartaches and emotion
It's reflecting time, but it hurts

From joy to tears, so many years
the memories are clear and forever dear
how to keep moving forward is the key
I need to just focus on staying me
being true, being blue, being happy, being sad

I'm not on the outskirts of life anymore,
but I sometimes retreat and want to close doors,
I have to remind myself of each piece that comes
to embrace all windows
keeping my heart and mind open to experiences of
the spirit guiding me forward~~~

My heart has a peace
I think that it needs
I know what to do, I've planted the seeds
spring is coming I'll be happy to know
that the sparkling sun, will soon melt the snow~~~

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