Sunday, October 11, 2015

Memorial Hike for Rick

Today we belong to the memory of Rick
friends and family gathered, we went to Payson canyon to do a memorial hike
planting some Aspen trees and to remember our dear friend with a healing ceremony

Back to the earth Rick from which you came
Back to the place where time is the same
Memories and tears of the day to behold
Laughter and cries and more stories told~~

I belong to my friends, my families hearts
Never again will I feel them apart
I belong to the wind, the rustling leaves,
the rocks, the mountains and all of the trees

Rick we all know the trail you have walked
the elk bugling sounds, the cougar that stalked
the breathes that we breathe
though we know not the count
to make our lives matter each day
as the rain drops
to wash away tears no matter how small

I now belong to Fall~~


I belong to hope, my sweet spirit soars
my soul is alive, I am ready to give
I breathe in the air,
and I'm ready to live~~

Saturday, October 10, 2015


Today I belong to the Halloween spirit
Coke~Marvin~Rex~Louis~Baby Leighton~Friends    
Gave me such joy to be at Tammy's Halloween party, such spirit there
we decided Rick was there as a ghost/spirit and having fun playing jokes
I helped paint faces and had fun with the whole Halloween spirit
Leah gave me a hippie purse and didn't know I was going to be one
 (but most people might guess that anyway) Just saying~~

 Rick our friend we miss you so
the pain and anguish seem so slow
we really can't believe your gone
it's just not fair when you rise to the dawn
the funniest man we all could see
to make us all laugh and make us feel free
to burst with a laugh that is always there
to break into joy, we will always care~~~~~~

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Shifting of time

I  belong to settling my spirit now
to give into time and let it be my friend
sometimes it's to slow, but I now don't care I know
the ache that it cuts, but getting out of the ruts
picking apples with Patti
watching football with my friends~

Laughing again at the normal things helps my soul to heal
my lessen must be patience
time has shifted in a new way
I look for joy whenever I can and soak it in
picking flowers, creating surprises
tracking Jake on his new journey to Seattle, his journey of time
Yes we all belong to time
but all in different zones~~

Being able to get on our bus
and feel the love~~~

Thursday, October 1, 2015

The Club

I belong to the club
I don't want to be in the club
I hate this club!
It's the widows club
and no one would ever want to be in this awful club!