Friday, May 8, 2015


I belong to grief and sadness again
My best friend Rick is dying right now of an aneurysm
I just talked to his wife and I fell to my knees again
I know she is going to sink into the grief soon
Just talked to him yesterday, they were planning a trip to Idaho
His happy, laughing spirit remains
the sadness has swept it's way in again

I belong to the happy memories I've had the last 2 months with Rick and Tammy
Living down the road from them catching up on the last 30 something years
His happy, joyful, funny spirit will be so missed by all!
I belong to the memory of that friendship forever

I belong to the fact that my friends and I are starting to take our turn on the path of life & death
We never know when, we never know how, just enjoy the now
One day at a time is about all I can do now,
my life I hope might be that way for the rest of my days
you can't look to far ahead, or to far behind
the time is now,
it is painfully so~~~~~
Goodbye Rick~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~it's hard to let go~~

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