Saturday, October 10, 2015


Today I belong to the Halloween spirit
Coke~Marvin~Rex~Louis~Baby Leighton~Friends    
Gave me such joy to be at Tammy's Halloween party, such spirit there
we decided Rick was there as a ghost/spirit and having fun playing jokes
I helped paint faces and had fun with the whole Halloween spirit
Leah gave me a hippie purse and didn't know I was going to be one
 (but most people might guess that anyway) Just saying~~

 Rick our friend we miss you so
the pain and anguish seem so slow
we really can't believe your gone
it's just not fair when you rise to the dawn
the funniest man we all could see
to make us all laugh and make us feel free
to burst with a laugh that is always there
to break into joy, we will always care~~~~~~

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